There Is No Such Thing As The Dog Poo Fairy!

These beautiful signs were commissioned by ArtsandCraftStudios for Newquay Marine Group (with some funding from Keep Britain Tidy).

With the help of the good people of Perranporth and a donation from our local council, I raised £160 to buy 23 signs for Perranporth so they can be placed in prominent locations agreed with Perranporth Council.

My goal was to provide eye catching signage and help towards a poo free Perranporth, promoting responsible dog ownership in a fun and informative manner. Have you spotted one yet?!

Poo Fairy Sign

I was even featured in the local paper you know! 29/07/2015

Perranporth mum’s online fundraiser for ‘There’s no such thing as the dog poor fairy’ signs

A mum launched an online fundraiser to get people who think dog mess is cleared up by ‘fairies’ to think again.

Zoe McEwen, of Perranporth, set up the Go Fund Me page to raise enough cash to purchase ten informative and tongue-in-cheek signs, which read ‘There’s no such thing as the dog poo fairy’.

Mrs McEwen, who runs dog-walking and boarding business Salty Sea Dogs, said she spotted the signs while walking her own pet pooch at Polly Joke, near Cubert, and thought they were fantastic.

As soon as she got home she went on the internet and discovered they had been made by an artist at Mawgan Porth.

The mum of one said: “I thought they were a bit of fun. A light-hearted but educational way of letting people know that they should pick up after their dogs.”

Mrs McEwen said she was a dog -over but realised that Perranporth had a problem when it comes to dog poo being left around the town, its coast path and beaches.

She said: “There are lots and lots of dogs that come to Perranporth and unfortunately there is a small minority of owners who do not pick up after them, and it tend to give everybody else a bad name.

“As a dog-owner I’m making an active stand – I’m standing up for my dog’s rights with the help of a little fairy power.

“I do think that some people think dog mess disappears by magic.”

In her bid towards a “poo-free Perranporth” Mrs McEwen launched the Go Fund Me page at the weekend and within 24 hours she had smashed the £100 target to purchase ten signs.

“I am so pleased,” she said. “I set it up at the weekend and put it on my Facebook site and straight away people were donating money. Local people from Perranporth who are dog-owners and non-dog owners all said they thought it was a great idea, so it has been funded by local people.

“I have also been asking them where they think the signs need to go in Perranporth and I have a long list which I have handed to the parish council.”

Mrs McEwen said she hoped Perranzabuloe Parish Council will support the signs and provide some additional funding to top up the £130 she has already raised.

The signs were originally commissioned by the Arts and Craft Studios for the Cornwall Marine Network, with funding from environmental charity Keep Britain Tidy.

She is awaiting agreement from the artist to make the signs, with the money to be donated to the work of Cornwall Marine Network. If not the mum will look at having similar signs commissioned.

Cathy Oates, Perranzabuloe Parish Council clerk, said the signs would be discussed by councillors at their next meeting, adding: “It’s a lovely idea; the signs look great and they offer advice in a non-finger-wagging way, which is nice.”

Read more about my campaign and everyone involved here>

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