Dogs In Need

As some of you will know, my family recently adopted Mason, a German Shorthaired Pointer located at a pound in Paralimni, in the southeast of Cyprus.

Here he is in all his gorgeousness….

Salty Sea Dogs Walking and Boarding, Perranporth 125

After losing our Working Cocker Spaniel Paddy at the grand age of 14, we searched for a dog to join our active family and eventually came across a fantastic organisation named Rehoming Cyprus Pointers.

The charity was started by Janice McNaughton in July 2013 and the organisation was inspired by the FaceBook group Please Help Apollo started by Lena Ashton. Please help Apollo began in June 2013 when Apollo a pointer dog was found in Greece in appalling condition having been tied to a tree, blinded in both eyes and abandoned without food or water.


The group helped to raise funds to support Apollo on his road to recovery, and he now has a loving home in the UK.

It was decided to continue with the groups success to help other pointers in need and they now focus their work in Cyprus where they have helped to rehome dozens of pointers to loving homes in the UK.

Members work with various animal rescue groups in Cyprus and also organise numerous fund raising activities to support their efforts in organising checks, pet passports, support and flights.

Please take a moment to check out their fantastic work and support via their website: Rehoming Cyprus Pointers

And most importantly if it wasn’t for the generosity of likeminded people and animal lovers, they wouldn’t be able to do the work they do. Please, please donate! Thank you.

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